Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions
1. Do I have to pay (invest) in order to start mining?

Absolutely not. You receive 600 GH/s (0.6 TH/s) mining power immediately upon your registration. Any additional power purchase is not required.

2. How long will my free 600 GH/s mining power last?

The free 600 GH/s mining power is yours for a lifetime of your mining account.

3. How does Referral program work?

You get your own referral link upon the registration and it is displayed on your Dashboard. You can copy the link and send it to somebody and/or post it to your Social Networks.
You receive FREE 0.06 TH/s (60 GH/s) for each registration with your referral link.

4. Do I need to be online for 24/7 for mining and where are the coins are actually mined?

No, you don't. You use you computer or phone only for monitoring and controling purposes.
All mining is running on our «farm» facilities in Qazaqstan.

Registration-related questions

Your email address serves as your username and it is absolutely required that you have an unrestricted access to your email inbox.
We do not add you to any mailing lists and do not give or sell it to any 3rd parties.

Technically, yes. However, if you register an account with a made-up email address which does not actually exist and we'll become aware of that we will remove that account without any warning.
Additionally, we might send a confirmation email message to that email address in case of first three withdrawal requests from a particular account.

Required password strength is a key to the security of your mining account. We require that your password should be at least 8 symbols in length and contian uppercase(A-Z) and lowercase(a-z) English letters, digits(0-9) and special characters(!@#$%^&*()\-_=+{};:,<.>).
Upgrade and withdrawal questions

You can upgrade by using your actual balance (the amount of Litecoin you have already mined) or by sending LTC to the deposit address provided by us. The upgrade is a subject of a minimum required amount (currently, it's 6.6 TH/s).
Using your balance immediately allocates new power while the transfer of LTC from your other wallet requires at least 3 confirmations from Blockchain (Litecoin network).

This status of the upgrade transaction means that you have sent us a Litecoin amount less than a required minimum (currently, its 0.3934128 LTC).
This minimum covers our hardware and administrative fees for accepting your payment. If you send less than a required amount it will be lost for you and could not be recovered.
Please check the required minimum before you are sending a payment to us.

Once the amount of Litecoin has been sent from one address (wallet) to another, a transaction on Blockchain (Litecoin network) occurs. First, it becames "Unconfirmed" and during next minutes or hours it becomes confirmed by Blockchain nodes.
So when you send us Litecoins for the upgrade of your mining power or we send you Litecoins when you withdraw your gained profit, a transaction on Blockchain occurs and you can see it by clicking on Transaction ID (TxID) link we provide on both Upgrades and Withdrawals pages.

First three of your withdrawals are a subject of random admin approval and in such case one of the admins will manually review the request and then you will receive an email with a confirmation link which you have to click on in order to proceed with your withdrawal.

There are no fees for withdrawal on our side, however Blockchain (Litecoin network) charges a «miner fee» for the transaction (a tiny portion of the sum being transferred).
About this service

We opened our worldwide Bitcoin mining operations to general public in November 2021,
then we started this Litecoin mining service in January 2022.

Our company also offers various financial services for the citizens of Qazakstan since 2017.
See our Business License for the legal information.

No. However, initially our founders were shareholders of one of the popular online mining services but they started their own mining operation in 2021.